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Medico Herbs offer you the best Organic herbs and natural remedies from our manufacturer in South Africa. All our products are 100% Natural and have been proven by registered Herbalists.

At Medico Herbs we have studied the natural properties of natural herbs , their remarkable benefits, and developed a unique range of Spray, Drops, Capsules and Raw. We have employed scientific testing methods and modern extraction processes to ensure the benefits of the herbs remain intact, all this at a very good price and excellent quality.

Why are sprays better than capsules?
Our sprays are fast acting and the most effective way of taking medicine. Up to 9 times more effective than tablets or pills.

Just a quick spray! So easy to use and so effective!

Our range of products includes slimming and weight loss products Hoodia Gordonii, Respiratory relief, Asthma relief, Memory enhancer, Libido and energy booster, Arthritis, Gout, Digestion, Skin blood cleanser and acne remedy, Stop Smoking, and Hormone Balancer, Immune builder with anti-oxidant, Detox system cleanser, MSM for pain relief and animal remedies.

We also sell Bulk herbs, Hoodia, Sceletium and many more. Lose weight, natural remedies, herbal remedies, natural remedy, herbal remedy, hoodia, quickslim, medical herbs, kanna, sceletium, pelargonium, quit smoking, stop smoking, natural medicine, slimming, weight loss products

Monthly Specials For January

Quickslim Spray 50ml x 2 Bottles
Quickslim Spray 50ml x 2 Bottles
$23.00  $40.00
Save: -74% off
Quit Smoking Spray 50ml.x 2 - 2021 special
Quit Smoking Spray 50ml.x 2 - 2021 special
$45.00  $40.00
Save: 11% off